Covid19 has been a difficult time for everyone, it has turned our everday life up side down and caused lots of uncertainty with many questions that needs answering. We are dedicating this page to highlighting the continued efforts from Adult Community Learning as well as keeping you up to date with the latest from our service

First and foremost a big ‘wow’ and ‘thank you’ to all our learners who have not given up and stayed positive during this time, we are all super proud of your commitment and attitude.

Let’s take a look at how ACL have responded to Covid-19

For the safety of learners and staff ACL immediately cancelled all face to face classes and informed all learners via text message. Tutors followed up these text messages with a phone call informing learners of our plans going online.

Our English, Maths and ESOL provision immediately started online classes which was a huge success as this was new to a majority of our learners. With clear direction and tutor support online classes were full.

Covid-19 impacted us towards the end of Spring term when the majority of our Digital Skills and Preparing for Work courses had nearly finished, however a plan for Summer term was needed and curriculum manager Ann Braithwaite was creating a plan that would soon take shape. Working with staff 7 Digital Skills and 5 Preparing for Work courses were identified that could be taught online. We started to recruit for these courses at the beginning of Easter break.

The ACL website was updated to highlight our new online courses and word spread about them, we had 200 submissions over a 2 week period.

Here is a recent quote from one of our learners:

Dear Islington ACL, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and teaching services. Especially my Maths teacher, My John Healey, who is always there to help and support his students even whilst we were in lock down. Thank you for being such a great teacher!

Islington libraries

In case any of you or your children need some reading material Islington Library and Heritage service has a range of free online resources which can be accessed by all library members. Library services are welcoming new members, for more information call 020 7527 6952 or by emailing

Chromebooks for learners

ACL are proud to announce we have been able to allocate 50 internet ready Chromebooks for our learners to make sure they keep on learning due these difficult times.

A learner receiving an Internet ready Chromebook from ACL

What our learners are saying?

Voluntary Action Islington

Voluntary Action Islington have updated there website to show all the service running during Covid-19 in Islington, click on the link below for more information